Talking Story 13

We had a spectacular launch last night for the 2013 NY Uke Fest!
The entire animated film, The Adventures of Prince Achmed, was all we expected and the live soundtrack performance by Small World Project was mesmerizing. Sebastien, Frederick and Patrick never stopped playing for the entire 75 minutes and the variety of sounds that they produced was astonishing for these three musicians. They literally made the story come alive and jump off the screen. The entire performance was recorded live by Yon and it will be released as a DVD in the near future. Check Small World Project’s website for details on availability.

A word on practicalities. WE have suspended the online ticket sales, but Word Press doesn’t always react immediately, so we have no idea when this is going to take effect. We have reviewed the box office prices that are announce on the ticket page and we will use a different (and cheaper) price than the announce one. So at the box office, the single segment price will be $40 and the All Day Price will be $60. We will also add a two-fer deal for each, so 2 afternoon or evening tickets will be $75 and two All-Day Friday or Saturday Tickets will be $100. We will post a sign at the box office window to this effect and this statement corrects what still might be viewable on the ticket page. My apologies for this confusion.

We are expecting a great day today and a fabulous concert tonight with many great performers including another headline performance by Small World Project.

See you tonight.