Talking Story 12

Today is the Last Day to buy tickets on line!

We are done! All preparations are made. It is time for our festival! Raiatea is in town and had a great rehearsal yesterday with Paul and Gaku, her back-up musicians. I heard them do a song and was very pleased! I haven’t heard her sing live since last year, so it was a pleasure to remedy that! She will put her stamp on this 2013 Uke Fest and it will be memorable.

We have another addition to tell you about. Bill Wynne will be joining us to back up the halau in their 3 modern hula songs and he will also do a couple of songs on his own. Bill, who happens to be a friend of Raiatea’s, is an avid uke player and many good players look to him as a model. Exciting that he is in the lineup!

We have a good crowd coming tonight for our opening session of the Fest. Small World Project will be setting up for most of the afternoon, so they can present the soundtrack to “The Adventures of Prince Achmed”, the first animated film ever made! These great musicians from Montreal have written an original ukulele soundtrack for the film of Lotte Reineger, the German female film-maker, who is still regarded as a genius for her technical developments in this film. We have complimentary food and drinks. Some vendors will be present and you can be at the start of another great Uke Fest!

See you tonight!