Talking Story 11

We love our ukuleles in New York! We have planned a four-day binge so maybe we can finally get our fill of enough uke. Between Friday and Saturday, there are 5 different workshop periods with a total of 21 topics, ranging from beginner’s uke to Flamenco uke! Great players like Sebastien Dufour, Nico’o and Victoria Vox will share their methods in these very intimate settings. It is a great way to get new ideas for your own playing. Vendors, who are renowned in the field, like Jim Beloff and Music Guy Mike will be making fabulous ukes available and they share a lifetime of knowledge to help you make your choice. This does not happen at the music warehouse! Our concerts offer the broadest array of ukulele talent in one of the 5 best performance spaces in existence. After Carnegie Hall, Lincoln Center and Radio City, we are next on my short list! You really need to see a concert on this stage and it should be a ukulele concert!

Our planning is done, Marie has put together a compelling list of workshops. Jeff has brought together Kala, Lulu, Randolph and other luthiers as his vendor section takes shape. Our performers are doing last minute rehearsals to polish their songs. Food and drink awaits us too. Everybody here has done their part. Now it is up to the ukulele-loving community to get to the event and make sure it is the biggest and the best yet. Btw, I just receiver the new tee shirts and everyone loves them! Maria, our publicist and our staff of volunteers has got the word out. Almost everyone knows about the Festival, but if you are one who has not heard, I’ll let Gus tell you about it…

See you there,