Talking Story 10

WE are just one week away from the 2013 NY Uke Fest! Things keep developing and more will be added, even in this last week, so you should not be surprised at some changes from what is says on the website. For example, while many of us will be at the brunch jam, Luana Haraguchi, Hula Kumu, has offered to teach a hula workshop at the 85th St site of the Annual Hawaiian Potluck Picnic, which will also take place on Sunday June 2. Around 10 AM for this hula lesson, if you choose to join Luana. She and the halau will be coming back to us and will do another luau set at about 6:30 on Sunday evening, Hula belongs at a luau!

Another development for Sunday’s luau-Jeffry Denman, who created the Broadway Ukes that was such a success at Birdland last month, has agreed to recreate his segment of that show on Sunday evening. We will be having  continuous entertainment at our luau between the Open Mic crooners, showcases and lots of hula!

On opening night of the Fest which is Thursday, May 30, we show The Adventures of Prince Achmed, the brilliant animated film of Lotte Reineger. She was a German pioneer who is still held in high regard throughout her homeland for her accomplishment in film. If you are interested in film, you should google her to see what we will have available on Thursday night in a very comfortable setting accompanied by original music by Small World Project. Sebastien and SWP are recording their presentation this night and it will be released as the definitive version. It will be a party atmosphere with refreshments included! Try not to miss this one!

Music Guy Mike  and Lulu Ukuleles are also going to be there Thursday night. After the film but before we start our “Limited” Open Mic, I asked Mike and Lulu to give us an overview of what they will be offering for sale. Since this is a chance to get first crack at some great instruments, it is another good reason to jump at the opening night of the Fest.

Roy Sakuma’s workshop will be held on Friday afternoon, May 31 at 3:30. We changed the time slightly so that we could follow up with a Meet and Greet with Raiatea at 5:30. Roy will be offering a great chord book and two instructional DVDs. I have not seen these available before in the NY area, so it is a good opportunity to learn from one of the best uke teachers ever. If you saw Randy Shimanuko’s performance at last year’s Fest, you know how accomplished Roy’s students are-Randy began with Roy in Honolulu.

See you next Thursday!