Talking Story #7

As you can see we have a new look to our website. Please help us by notifying us, if you have any problems viewing or using the site.

Here is an important announcement: The Park Savoy Hotel has been reserving rooms for the Fest. The reservation period will expire soon! Next Tuesday is the last day that you can be sure to get the special rates that are posted elsewhere on this site. If you want to reserve one of these rooms, you should do it now.

All of a sudden, there is energy and excitement about the Fest. Winter doldrums are gone and people are looking to become active. The Uke Fest is a great choice for coming out of hibernation. I got an email from a parent asking if the Fest was suitable for bringing his young children. I said that this year, in particular, is especially appropriate for young people. Our headlining act, the Langley Ukulele Ensemble is composed of teenagers, Ryan Nakagawa, an ukulele prodigy, is only 11 years old and Amelia Robinson performs as “Mil’s Trills” for children, (as well as for adults under her own name.) Just so we don’t get type-cast, Khabu has arranged to bring a bus load of his senior students of the uke, so we will run the full gamut.

Some of us will be gathering at Church for All Nations on Friday evening for an ukulele event. We will be hosting the monthly Ukulele Meetup. This will serve as something of a “shakedown” cruise for the film screening, which will take place in the same location a few weeks later. Practice makes perfect!

Tony Coleman will be coming down to the Fest and we have also added Ritchie’s Music Store as a vendor. Finally, I want to repeat the fact that we are giving away a fine Kala tenor uke at the opening bell on Friday, June 8, between Noon and 1PM. You have to be there to have a chance at it, so join us!

See you soon!